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Amos Kennedy in SLC, part 3

The two linocut asterisks locked up, inked and ready to print on the Book Arts Program’s Vandercook SP20.

Feeding the first sheet of the final run into the grippers.

Pulling the first print from the press.

The asterisks are like warm red frosting on the cake.

This was a challenging project to coordinate, but it turned out great. I can’t wait to see them hanging up around Salt Lake City. The true measure of success will be in how fast they get swiped from shop windows and light posts.

Please download a high resolution scan of the finished poster, share with friends, come to the FREE film screening, and don’t miss this rare chance to take a workshop with Amos Kennedy in Salt lake City! Spencer and I would like to thank all the event sponsors: Book Arts Program, AIGA Salt Lake City, The Mandate Press, XPEDX, and Smart & Wiley.

Amos Kennedy in SLC, part 2

For the third run – copy written by the incomparable Emily Tipps – I handset the text using 72pt. Alternate Gothic No. 1  (dates & location), and 12pt. Monotype Univers 45 (film screening and workshop info), cast for a Red Butte Press edition by the late, great C. Christopher Stern.

We locked the form up on the Book Arts Program’s Vandercook Universal 1 and Spencer printed the run using Gans rubber based XX Black.

While Spencer was printing away. I worked frantically to lock up a photopolymer plate with the logos of the sponsors for the film screening, a single, wood type diamond, and four, 12pt. dotted metal rules. We decided on metallic silver for the fourth run.

I was nervous about printing such a variety of materials together, but by carefully controlling the ink and the roller height on the Program’s Vandercook SP20, I achieved a good balance and the run turned out better than I anticipated.

Only one more run to go. Check back tomorrow to see the asterisks and the final print!

Amos Kennedy in SLC, part 1

Amos Kennedy will be in Salt Lake City September 8–10 for a free, public screening of Proceed and Be Bold! (Thursday, September 8, 7pm) and a two-day workshop at the Book Arts Program. The film screening is co-sponsored by the Book Arts Program and AIGA Salt Lake City.

To promote the film screening and workshop, I’ve been collaborating with Spencer Charles to print a poster. While brainstorming ideas, I wondered aloud about the best way to draw people’s attention and inspire them to come to the events. I thought of the old standby, “Free Beer,” and immediately suggested we (AIGA SLC and the Book Arts Program) were offering the next best thing: Free Amos Kennedy.

Spencer and I printed the first two runs in tandem. I ran the red “FREE” on the Book Arts Program’s Vandercook SP20. As I pulled each print from the press, I handed them to Spencer who ran “Amos Kennedy” (in magnificent 20 line Grecian) on the Program’s Vandercook Universal 1.

We needed two asterisks for our concept so I used a Hammond Glider to trim a 10 pica square and a 6 pica square from a 3 x 5 inch Speedball lino block. Next, I laser printed the asterisks with a square outline that corresponded to the size of the pre trimmed lino blocks. Using a #2 pencil, I traced the perimeter of each laser printed asterisk, being sure to use plenty of graphite. After tracing the shapes, I taped one edge of the print to the lino block  so the pencil traced image was face down. Then I rubbed the back of the paper with a bone folder to transfer the pencil graphite outline to the lino block leaving a perfect template for me to cut.

Once I finished cutting each block, I inked them up and pulled proofs. I’ll be printing the asterisks in red (the final run!) tonight and posting more pictures this week.

Time is Running Out

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to live and breathe (it stings a little at first, but you learn to love it) wood type and letterpress at the one and only Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. Download the flier and register before Friday, April 22, 2011.

Specimen Sunday

sequential pg. 34 (high-res scan here; right click to download)

Topsey Turvey

This past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the Book Arts Program (where I work) had the pleasure of hosting book artist, writer, and designer Emily McVarish for a lecture and workshop. I was fortunate enough to be one of Emily’s teaching assistants for the workshop. Easily one of the most intelligent, charming, and humble people I’ve ever worked with, Emily’s vast design knowledge (she cowrote a design history book) and printing skills are matched by her enthusiasm for teaching – she led a great workshop.

Here’s a detail of the poster I designed (using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and output at 11 x 17 inches using a Xerox Phaser 7760) to promote Emily’s workshop; and the full image (PDF).

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