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Antique Tuscan X Condensed No. 11

picture and printed proof of Antique Tuscan X Condensed No. 11 wood type numeral two

5 line Ben Franklin

picture and printed proof of 5 line Ben Franklin wood type numeral two

10 line Lydian Bold Condensed

12 line Clarendon Countdown to 2012, 2

12 line Ionic

20 line Republic Gothic

8 line Gothic Extended

No. 6242 by Hamilton Manufacturing Company


18 line Unit Gothic No. 720 Class M

Hamilton Manufacturing Co. cut the Unit Gothic series in seven widths. This design is characterized by minimal modulation in stroke width and angled terminals. No. 720 is 50% narrower than the standard width No. 718. Here’s the description of the usefulness of the Unit Gothic series from Wood Type by Hamilton, Catalog 38, 1938:

All characters of the same size in any of these seven widths are on uniform bodies with the exception of caps M, W and I, and lower case letters i, j, f, l and t.

This series of Unit Gothics will be found invaluable in the production of artistic posters as it embodies an even and gradual reduction in widths. If a line set in type of one width does not fit the space available, another width of the same size will always be right.

Et tu?

10 line Kabel

There are other 2s with more warmth and charm. Ironically, it’s the crisp aloofness of this figure that attracts me. It’s mysterious how it can be simultaneously so round and so sharp. This character is from the same font as the capital G posted on January 8. Notice the top and right sides of the bowl exhibit the same flattening at the extremities pointed out by the ever astute Celene.

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