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Antique Tuscan X Condensed No. 11

picture and printed proof of Antique Tuscan X Condensed No. 11 wood type numeral three

16 line Grecian Condensed

picture and printed proof of 16 line Grecian Condensed wood type numeral three

10 line Mansard Extra Bold

12 line Clarendon Countdown to 2012, 3

8 line No. 382

8 line Calendar 6309

6 line No. 737

The Big Three

24 line Futura Bold

This character comes from another font of unfinished (no varnish or shellac on the face) side grain type, probably cut by American Wood Type Manufacturing Co. in the 1950–60s. The entire font has seen so little use that the router marks are clearly visible on the shoulder. The photo also reveals semi-circular craters around the perimeter of the face, vestiges of the production method that become obscured with use.

Three, Oh, It’s the Magic Number

20 line Grecian Condensed

I’m fascinated with the slight descent of the center arm of this 3, and with the half-diamond removed from the main stem to create a juncture leading the eye into the middle of the character, reinforcing the figure-ground relationship. The chamfered terminal of the central arm echos the angles of the juncture, creating a perfect call and response to the exterior perimeter of the number. This twenty line font is more complete than the thirty line Grecian Condensed shown on January 25, but unfortunately no manufacturer’s imprint.

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