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Nestor Script

18 point Nestor Script
Released in 1898 by Barnhart Brother’s & Spindler, Nestor Script is one of many late Victorian typefaces designed to emulate quill-pen handwriting.

Sky Shipley and his wife, proprietors of Skyline Type Foundry, do a fantastic job of packaging their expertly cast type. Every box is custom packed to keep the type on its feet during shipping.

I set the type 18/20 on a 20 pica line for proofing. An additional 2 points of leading was added on press.

The type locked up on the Vandercook SP-15 for proofing.

I used some off cuts of Crane’s Lettra for proofing. Big thanks to Jen Farrell of Starshaped Press for an amazing wedding gift!

I Think That’s Spanish for Fancy Pants

18 point Trocadero

Mac McGrew wrote that Trocadero is a recutting of Illinois Type Foundry’s Ornamented No. 25. This font of 18 point type was beautifully cast, packaged, and delivered to my door by the esteemed Schuyler Shipley, proprietor of Skyline Type Foundry. What I didn’t know when I sent in my order is that the font came with four delicious ornaments (see detail 2 below).

18 point Trocadero, detail 1

18 point Trocadero, detail 2

Border No. 1259

18 point Border No. 1259, new in the box (thanks Linda!) from Skyline Type Foundry. Few things are as exciting as opening a box of Sky’s masterfully cast and immaculately packaged new type. What are you waiting for?

Heavy Metal Interlude

18 pt. Border No. F-755

This beauty is the handiwork of Sky Shipley, Chief Engineer at Skyline Type Foundry in Kampsville, Illinois. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Shipley a few years ago during one of my regular visits to see the inimitable Dave Churchman and his ever charming wife, Charlene. And I have the pleasure of owning and printing from two type fonts and two border fonts cast by Sky – I hope to purchase them all some day. If you’ve never had the good fortune of printing from newly cast metal types, do yourself a favor and visit Skyline’s website. Gorgeous, brand new foundry type, shipped to your door, and it comes expertly packaged in fancy boxes.

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