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Surplus Sale, Flash Wood Type

picture of 6 line Flash wood type for sale in the Letterpress Daily storeThree sizes (6, 8, and 10 line) and two weights of Flash wood type for sale. More details in my Briar Press classified.

Surplus Sale

Hamilton Wood Pointers For SaleHamilton Wood Pointers

From a special commission, ca. 2006, this is a full set (25 pieces) of Hamilton’s “Wood Pointers” in 5-line size. Each piece is pantograph router cut from side grain maple.

Hamilton Wood Type Pointersm, as shown in specimensAs shown in Hamilton’s type specimens

I have two sets available in the Letterpress Daily Store.

12 line Broadway Condensed

Picture and printed proof of 12 line Broadway Condensed wood type capital letter S

15 line Broad-Stroke Cursive

picture and proof of 15 line Broad-Stroke Cursive wood type capital letter P

10 line Lydian Bold Condensed

12 line Signal Black

30/33 line Futura Bold

Accommodating the descending tail requires three additional picas. All other capitals in this font are 30 picas.

12 line Broadway Condensed

15 line Broad-Stroke Cursive

10 line Index or Printer’s Fist

Vista Sans Wood Type Project

Ashley John Pigford and Tricia Treacy invited me to participate in a “collaborative exploration of the interplay between venerable/archaic and experimental/modern technology in the effort to produce a hybrid form of typographic design where the production process is ingrained in the product.” Check out the Vista Sans Wood Type Project.

I received five individual letters, t, o, u, c, h. The blocks each measure 42p6. Extrapolating from the ascender heights of the t and h, I estimate the letters to be 8.5 inches, or 612 points.

The unvarnished, CNC cut letters all prominently (proudly?) reveal the grain of the wood.


12 line Broadway Condensed

15 line Balloon Extra Bold

8 line Rugged Condensed

15 line Gothic No. 630

8 line Signal

12 line Balloon Extra Bold

12 line Broadway Condensed

8 line Rugged

12 line Broadway Condensed

8 line Flash Bold

10 line Broad-Stroke Cursive

6 line Poster Gothic No. 738

15 line Balloon Extra Bold

6 line Poster Gothic 738

8 line Signal Black

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