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Surplus Sale, Poster Gothic Wood Type

5-line Poster Gothic lowercase wood type for saleWood type for sale in the Letterpress Daily Store.

6 line Poster Gothic No. 738

6 line Poster Gothic 738

6 line Poster Gothic 738

10 line No. 736

The Poster Gothic series was cut in multiple widths in both solid and outline versions. When the solid and outline of the same width were cut from the same pantograph setup the characters could be printed to align for two-color work.

6 line No. 738 Poster Gothic

The Poster Gothic Series, as manufactured by Hamilton Manufacturing Company, was cut in multiple widths in solid face and outline – like the Republic Gothic Series posted on 02/19/10 – allowing for two-color (or three, depending on the transparency of the inks) work.

Four Play

6 line Poster Gothic No. 738 – Class R

This 4 is from a caps and figures font of side grain wood type. The face was identified with the help of Nick Sherman’s Flickr set Type specimen books at Hamilton (thanks Nick, that’s a valuable resource!). I wish I also had the solid No. 737 – Class N.

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