Revolution 9

10 line Clarendon XX Condensed

This narrow nine with a fancy, little ball terminal comes from a beautifully complete font containing capitals, lowercase, figures, and punctuation. It’s unfortunate that the A’s do not bear a manufacturer’s imprint. Though a full specimen of this face was not included in Rob Roy Kelly’s American Wood Type, a full showing (minus punctuation) does appear on page 43 of Dover’s 100 Wood Type Alphabets, edited by Kelly.

Did I Catch a Niner in There?

8 line Hamilton Calendar Figures, style No. 6309

According to the 1938 Hamilton specimen, “All calendar figures in any one size and style are made up in uniform size blocks. A set includes figures 1 to 31, fractions, and seven blanks.” The price in 1938 for an 8 line Calendar Set (as just described) was $13. All of the figures and fractions are present in my font, sadly I am missing the seven blanks.