I See a Mansard Roof Through the Trees

12 line Newton or No. 123

Produced by Morgans & Wilcox, Newton is a variation of the lineal Gothic characterized by mansard style terminals (I can’t help but think of the old Pizza Hut logo). Because this is the only character I have, I can’t be sure that it’s Newton. This Y could also be from a nearly identical face, called No. 123, produced by Hamilton Manufacturing Co. There’s one significant difference between the two. Take a look at the scans of each and tell me what you see.

Special thanks to Unicorn Graphics for posting scans of their 1890 Morgans & Wilcox Wood Type Catalog.

The following image of No. 123 was scanned from the incredible Shooting Star Press facsimile of Hamilton’s Specimens of Wood Type (No. 17).

So what’s the difference? Which do you prefer, and why?