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8 line Inline Star

picture and printed proof of 8 line wood type Inline Star by Moore Wood Type

Look for these Inline Stars in four sizes soon from Moore Wood Type.

8 line MWT Line Ornament No. 3

Get your credit cards ready folks. These beautiful, outstandingly crafted “Line Ornaments,” based on Wm. H. Page’s No. 404 Space Ornament, are coming soon to the Moore Wood Type Shop.

In the Nick of Time

Letterpress printers of the world rejoice, Moore Wood Type is open for business!

MWT Catchword No. 7, an update of Morgans & Wilcox No. 316, available in three sizes from the Moore Wood Type shop.


Wayzgoose Weekend Report No. 4

Scott Moore, proprietor of Moore Wood Type, and his daughter, Erin Beckloff of Inky Winke Press, collaborated on printing specimen cards to showcase the stars, circles, diamonds, and catchphrases MWT is producing. Wayzgoose attendees received one of five designs in their swag bags. I collected a full set of the cards – easily among my favorite ephemera from the Wayzgoose – as well as some samples of the end grain blocks Scott is cutting.

This beautiful AND catchword (Morgans 316), updated from the 1890 Morgans & Wilcox Wood Type Catalog, is among the first MWT offerings. Visit for Moore details.


12 line Moore Wood Type Star

William H. Page Wood Type Co. called this faceted beauty Star No. 2, Morgans & Wilcox called it Star No. 3, and Hamilton Manufacturing Co. called it Star No. 4.

Who Wants Moore Wood Type? I Do!

10 line catchword No. 5, pattern cut from Hamilton Mfg. Co.’s Specimens of Wood Type (#14)

A few weeks ago I made contact with Scott Moore, founder of Moore Wood Type. Scott has been making research trips to the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum and putting his knowledge and experience as an Industrial Arts teacher to good use in constructing a wood type cutting pantograph. And he’s putting his pantograph to damn good use in cutting some damn fine type, like the gorgeous 10 line catchword No. 5 that is now a part of the Letterpress Daily family.

Look for available type, catchwords, ornaments, and pricing in May. Visit Moore Wood Type for more information.

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