12 line Clarendon

It’s a Clarendon countdown to 2012, beginning with this first-rate five.

Revolution 9

10 line Clarendon XX Condensed

This narrow nine with a fancy, little ball terminal comes from a beautifully complete font containing capitals, lowercase, figures, and punctuation. It’s unfortunate that the A’s do not bear a manufacturer’s imprint. Though a full specimen of this face was not included in Rob Roy Kelly’s American Wood Type, a full showing (minus punctuation) does appear on page 43 of Dover’s 100 Wood Type Alphabets, edited by Kelly.

6 line Clarendon

There is no manufacturer’s imprint on the capital A’s of this font, and since all wood type producers had versions of Clarendon(s) it’s nearly impossible to determine dates or provenance. Close examination of this character reveals subtle clues – slightly angled terminals, varied counters – that indicate correct orientation.