Not Suitable for Minors

15 line Antique Tuscan

This Antique Tuscan X is quite possibly my favorite wood type character… this week anyway. The heart-shaped arrowhead counters make me grin uncontrollably, and the way the lateral counters echo the vertical on a larger scale make this letterform just about perfect.

According to Rob Roy Kelly, this typeface is a true American original (probably), showing up first as a wood type capital alphabet in the 1849 Specimens of Wood Type by Darius Wells and Ebenezer Russell Webb.


30 line Grecian Condensed

This capital X was carved – mostly by hand, though some of the markings seem to indicate the assistance of a drill bit – into the bottom of the capital K shown in yesterdays post. It makes sense that a knowledgeable printer/typographer would use the K to cut an additional X. The letters share similar strokes and character widths, and both are among the most infrequently used letters in the english language. The unfinished end grain produces a very rough, but not unappealing, print.


8 line Rugged

Rugged is the American Wood Type Manufacturing Company’s copy of Neuland, a foundry type which was handcut – without the use of patterns – in 1923 by Rudolf Koch for the Klingspor foundry in Germany. For a more erudite description of the design and enduring appeal of this face, see Koch’s Neuland by Richard Kegler.