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Surplus Sale, 3 Sizes Brush Wood Type

picture of 8 line Brush script wood type for sale in the Letterpress Daily storeVisit the Letterpress Daily store to expand your typographic palette by adding three sizes – 8, 10, and 15 line – of Brush wood type to your hard working collection.

10 line Brush

picture and printed proof of 10 line Brush Script wood type capital letter H

10 line Brush

15 line Brush

Fair Warning

8 line Brush

Notice the body has been cut (by the manufacturer) to accommodate the angled body of lowercase letters that may follow. However, the left side (right side in the picture) is 90 degrees to the baseline – a warning to typesetters: do not set Brush in all capitals!

Why, Robert E. Smith, Why?

15 line Brush

Robert E. Smith designed Brush in 1942 as part of a campaign by the American Type Foundry to replace script faces produced earlier in the century.

When taken out of context, this capital Y reverts to a bold, gestural brush stroke. Warping of this end grain block made it difficult to get a solid proof, further emphasizing the calligraphic nature of the design.

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