Swing and a Miss!

15 line Broad-Stroke Cursive

According to Mac McGrew, this typeface was produced by both Lanston (American) Monotype and English Monotype, though the latter called it Script Bold. Script faces, particularly in metal type, are rather delicate – the kerns (the part of the letterform that hangs over the body or slug) damage easily. Broad-Stroke Cursive was designed without kerned characters, adding to its durability.

This exclamation point, or bang, looks like it’s dodging a punch!

Sweet E

15 line Broad-Stroke Cursive

According to Mac McGrew’s American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century, Broad-Stroke Cursive was Lanston Monotype’s name for English Monotype’s Script Bold. This is an incomplete font – I only have one of each capital. I did not find an imprint. The lack of patina and roughness of the letters indicates these letters did not see much use.

This type is cut from side-grain wood.