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10 line Runic Italic

picture and printed proof of 10 line Runic Italic wood type ampersand

4 line Roman Extended

8 line Howland

10 line Clarendon XX Condensed

8 line Ampersand

A bit of a mystery here. Previous posts from this font have been categorized as Futura Bold. And in fact, most of the letters, both caps and lowercase, are identical to Futura, but the open bowl of this ampersand and the hook on the lowercase j have me scratching my head.

From the timeline of American wood type manufacturers on the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection website, we know a handful (give or take a couple) of manufacturers were producing wood type after Futura became ubiquitous in the late 1920s–early 1930s. Since typeface piracy has been rampant since the advent of moveable type, it’s pretty much a given that every manufacturer would have been producing a Futura knockoff. The capital A blocks in this font bear no manufacturer’s stamp, which mostly rules out Hamilton, so whodunnit and whatchamacallit?

15 line Gothic Tuscan Condensed

20 line French Clarendon

8 line Rugged

And You Don’t Stop. . .

10 line Aetna Condensed No. 1

This alluring ampersand belongs to a recently acquired, caps only font, produced by Hamilton Manufacturing Company after 1891.

20 line Republic Gothic

This odd character looks like an italic eight eating a lowercase c, and without the context of other alphabetic characters I question its recognizability.

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