Photo by Mary Toscano

I began letterpress printing in 2002 while attending the graduate program in graphic design at Indiana University, Bloomington. I was immediately smitten and it wasn’t long before I began collecting printing equipment and wood type. I started this blog to document my continually expanding collection.


I’m available for conversation, collaboration, and contract work. Send me an email.


David Wolske received a BA in Studio Art from Marian University, Indianapolis, Indiana, and an MFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. His work is exhibited and collected around the world. He regularly teaches typography, graphic design, letterpress printing, and book arts classes and workshops across the United States. David’s work reveals an affinity for handset wood and metal type, but also enthusiastically incorporates digital tools, computer software, and design thinking into a manual workflow that draws heavily on the traditions of letterpress and fine art printmaking.

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