Give Ol’ Columbus a Kick

Cristoforo, a typeface revival by Thomas PhinneyA few days ago we celebrated Hermann Ihlenburg’s 169th birthday. Ok, maybe only a handful of us did. What’s that, you missed it? Don’t weep in your leg of mutton sleeves, for it’s not too late to show the old chap some love. Thomas Phinney is making it easy for you by designing a proper revival of Ihlenburg’s 1892 typeface, Columbus.

Thomas is an accomplished type designer. Rather than another rote revival, he’s got some special features planned for Christoforo, and some great incentives for supporting his Kickstarter project.

Though Ihlenburg never got around to designing a typeface to specifically be cut in wood, at least one of his faces was produced – through an agreement with American Type Founders – by Hamilton Manufacturing Company. The scan below is from Hamilton’s 1908 Specimens of Wood Type Faces.

Specimen of Hamilton Manufacturing Co.’s cutting of Hermann Ihlenburg’s Columbus