Moveable Type Truckn’

Kyle Durrie's Moveable Type Truck parked at Mandate Press, Salt Lake CityOn Monday, April 2, The Mandate Press hosted Kyle Durrie and her Moveable Type Truck. Mandate proprietor, Ben Webster, a real stand-up guy, invited the Book Arts Program to set up a table during the event to promote our classes, workshops, and a recently completed book. During the event, I had the pleasure of meeting Brent Rowland, a really talented photographer. Brent captured some beautiful images of Kyle and visitors printing.

a handmade sign posted inside the Moveable Type TruckThis ain’t no foolin’ around. Inside the Type Truck.

picture of Kyle Durrie's Golding Official letterpressIn addition to a Showcard sign press (used to print the type layer in the keepsake), Kyle has this sweet little Golding Official on board.

a picture of wood type aboard the Moveable Type TruckIt’s always great to see Virgin Wood Type products (in this case, Antique Extended) out in the world, doin’ good. Type Truck spreadin’ the gospel.

a picture of Kyle Durrie taking a picture of the Vandercook No. 4 at Mandate PressThe legend herself, Kyle Durrie, taking a photograph of Mandate’s Vandercook No. 4, the press used to print the honeycomb layer for the keepsake.

picture of the letterpress keepsake printed at Mandate Press and the Moveable Type TruckBig thanks to Kyle Durrie, generous host, Ben Webster, and the whole crew at The Mandate Press, for a great afternoon.