Hydro74 + lasers + letterpress = awesome

hydro74 artwork letterpress printHydro74’s Purveyors of Sin. I suggested Mohawk Superfine Soft White 80# Cover for its bone-like color.

Smug Labs’ laser cut wood block on the pressSmug Labs used their big-ass laser to engrave Hydro74’s artwork into a cabinet scrap. Hooray for recycling!

Laser cut block locked up on the pressI locked up the block on the Vandercook Universal I at the Book Arts Studio. For you keen-eyed printers in the audience, fear not, I noticed the furniture starting to buckle and loosened the quoins.

Frisket to protect the prints from stray inkThe shallow depth of the engraved block meant the prints picked up some stray marks. Frisket (fancy word for mask) to the rescue!

Brett, of Smug Labs, feeding the paper to printI taught Brett, proprietor at Smug Labs, how to feed the paper and pull prints.

Brett, of Smug Labs, pulling a print from the Vandercook

hydro74 prints on the drying rack

hydro74 prints and laser cut block