Happy Holidays…2005

In 2005, my studio was in the front room of a house I was renting in the suburbs of Indianapolis. Easily the shortest commute of my life. I realize now, looking back, how influential it was to my process to have immediate access to my studio. I felt less pressure to have a completed design or fully formed concept before starting to work. It felt more like play.

As was the case with many of my projects at the time, I had no clue what this card was going to look like. I entered the studio with a plan to print something for the holidays. While looking through a galley of metal ornaments that could easily pass for snowflakes I found the inspiration I needed, locked up a form on my Vandercook SP-15 and started printing.

Once the metallic silver and gold snowflakes were done, I selected 18pt. ATF Garamond Italic for the text, but I felt the falling flakes needed a little extra punch so I interspersed colons from the same font. The finished cards were nicely complemented by some surplus soft gray envelopes.