Amos Kennedy in SLC, part 2

For the third run – copy written by the incomparable Emily Tipps – I handset the text using 72pt. Alternate Gothic No. 1  (dates & location), and 12pt. Monotype Univers 45 (film screening and workshop info), cast for a Red Butte Press edition by the late, great C. Christopher Stern.

We locked the form up on the Book Arts Program’s Vandercook Universal 1 and Spencer printed the run using Gans rubber based XX Black.

While Spencer was printing away. I worked frantically to lock up a photopolymer plate with the logos of the sponsors for the film screening, a single, wood type diamond, and four, 12pt. dotted metal rules. We decided on metallic silver for the fourth run.

I was nervous about printing such a variety of materials together, but by carefully controlling the ink and the roller height on the Program’s Vandercook SP20, I achieved a good balance and the run turned out better than I anticipated.

Only one more run to go. Check back tomorrow to see the asterisks and the final print!