HOW magazine, page 16, July 2011 / article by Doug White / photographs by Bill Jones and Geri McCormick

Virgin Wood Type Mfg. Co. is profiled in the recent Type Matters issue of HOW magazine. It’s great to see this kind of national coverage for wood type and letterpress printing. It’s too bad that a multimedia enterprise with a mission to provide “creative whys and hows behind noteworthy projects, and profiles of professionals who are influencing design” neglected to credit the revival of a typeface (Aldine Expanded, shown in the first and second images, top left) to its designer (that would be me). It’s also pretty lame that an email to the editors has received no reply whatsoever. An email from the magazine’s executive editor informed me that a correction will run in the January 2012 issue.

7 thoughts on “HTF!?”

  1. And you’re surprised why?

    Also, nice coverage! I hope Bill is making some money on this, because this is such an awesome development for us wood type folk.

  2. Jon, my wife said the same thing (you’re surprised?). BTW, Nice to see the wine labels you printed getting recognition (same issue of HOW).

  3. I did get 1 email from a HOW reader. It was a compliment.

    Maybe we should release Aldine Expanded in ttf. That might get us another email compliment. /snark

    Jon. Nice label. How is the wine?

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