White Light / White Heat

A few weeks ago, Smart & Wiley was contacted by The Curiosity Shoppe and personally invited to participate in a letterpress exhibit to be held at their Valencia Street location in San Francisco. The theme: Sunshine. What is sunshine? According to an entry on Wikipedia, it’s a combination of bright light and radiant heat.

Being fans of Lou Reed (and David Bowie, of course), the combination of light and heat immediately suggested the Velvet Underground song, “White Light / White Heat.” Using wood type and a single, wavy, brass rule, we made sixty, 7.25×15 inch prints on Mohawk Superfine. Our limited edition broadside is meant to evoke the intensity of midday sunlight on a deserted blacktop parking lot, and the grittiness and amphetamine urgency of the Velvet Underground’s punk rock masterpiece.

If you’re lucky enough to be in San Francisco, this Friday, July 8, swing by The Curiosity Shoppe between 5–9pm for the opening reception of Sunshine, and don’t miss Kyle Durrie’s “Moveable Type” truck.