Specimen Sunday

Page 3 from the American Wood Type Mfg. Co. Catalog No. 36. Wondering what that sweet script/cursive face is that’s being used for the running headers and face identification? Oddly enough, it’s called Gillies Gothic. Working on building your letterpress library? Here’s a free high res download.

3 thoughts on “Specimen Sunday”

  1. I just stumbled on a few fonts of that in a studio (the Gillies Gothic). Nice to see it in context.

    Do you know the (approximate) year of this catalog?

  2. Celene, I agree, the context is everything. Just looking at Gillies Gothic in a case would never inspire me to use, in fact just the opposite. But when I saw it in this catalog, my immediate response was awesome. This specimen/catalog was originally released in 1936, but the tipped in price list in mine indicates this copy was sent out after 1950.

  3. Thanks David. Fourteen years seems like a long time to be able to use the same catalog, but that was during the Hamilton era, I suppose.

    Coincidentally, a local tv station was airing Caddyshack last night, and the opening credits are either Gillies Gothic or a very close variation . . . .

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