Announcing VWT Aldine Expanded, Pt. 4

Locking up this much type requires a lot of furniture and spacing material. Most cabinets do not accommodate it, but I’ve cut a generous amount of furniture in 8 and 12 pica lengths (and varying widths) for just such occasions.

After inking the locked up form and pulling a proof, I decided to ditch the ampersand (tear) from this print.

Before printing the wood type, I printed a short colophon using 12 point Goudy Old Style. With such extreme size contrasts, the print quality is dramatically improved by splitting up the runs. If I had tried to print the 12 point metal type and the 8 line (equivalent of 96 points) together, the small Goudy Old Style would have been drastically over inked and the comparatively giant Aldine Expanded would have been anemic.

Just a spoon full of sugar.

Preparing to run a print through the Vandercook SP-15 for the final run.

The finished broadside, 12.5 x 19 inches; two colors, three runs; printed on one of my favorite sheets, Mohawk Superfine Soft White Eggshell 80 cover. Available to purchase from Smart & Wiley through our Felt & Wire Shop.