Who Wants Moore Wood Type? I Do!

10 line catchword No. 5, pattern cut from Hamilton Mfg. Co.’s Specimens of Wood Type (#14)

A few weeks ago I made contact with Scott Moore, founder of Moore Wood Type. Scott has been making research trips to the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum and putting his knowledge and experience as an Industrial Arts teacher to good use in constructing a wood type cutting pantograph. And he’s putting his pantograph to damn good use in cutting some damn fine type, like the gorgeous 10 line catchword No. 5 that is now a part of the Letterpress Daily family.

Look for available type, catchwords, ornaments, and pricing in May. Visit Moore Wood Type for more information.

3 thoughts on “Who Wants Moore Wood Type? I Do!”

  1. All of this new wood type production has got me totally psyched. I just ordered some brand new Aldine Expanded and can’t wait to get my hands on these catchwords. I just found a guy near me with a CNC machine and I’m tempted to see if some of my rarer faces can be brought to life for others.

  2. Totally psyched. What line size did you order in the Aldine Expanded? I just finished some postcards announcing the availability of the VWT Aldine Expanded. Send me your snail mail and I’ll get one in the mail to you, Jon.

  3. I think I ordered the 8 line plus figures. Can’t wait. I have regular Aldine, so I just had to have Expanded too! I’ll email you with my address.

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