Mr. Smith Rules

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From the prospectus of Kelvyn Smith’s 2010–11 letterpress workshop:

The resurgence of letterpress over the last decade has triggered a passionate respect for the craft and reinforced its position in the visual arts. It has identified itself as an antidote to the immediate and often dispensable nature of modern technology.

I first learned of Kelvyn Smith in David Jury’s superb Letterpress: the allure of the handmade, where examples of Smith’s work standout as paragons of complex information hierarchies distilled to simple, direct, but sophisticated visual communication. For years preceding the “resurgence of letterpress over the last decade” a handful of Brits, including Smith, Alan Kitching (one of Smith’s mentors), David Jury, and Phil Baines have been at the forefront of experimentation and education in typography and letterpress printing. For Mr. Smith these years of apprenticeship and fieldwork resulted in the codification of a process for thinking and working, called Smith’s Rules. Check out this nice little video from Creative Review:

Creative Review – CRTV02 – Mr Smith’s Letterpress from ORDER on Vimeo.