15 line Quarter Round/Japanese Corner

In his book American Wood Type, Rob Roy Kelly showed 3 different designs for Quarter Rounds and attributed them to the Hamilton Manufacturing Company, along with the date 1892. Because I don’t have access to more than a handful of specimens, I can only guess that the date refers to the Hamilton Mfg. Co.’s Wood Type & Borders from 1892 (see the comprehensive Hand List of Specimen Books on the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection website). Update: see also David Shields’ comment about the origins of what Page called “Japanese Corners.”

The very shallow counters in the ornamental design indicate that the face has been die stamped, while the deeper shoulder has been cleared away with a router.

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  1. These were first shown by William H. Page Wood Type Co in his 1882 Specimens of Wood Type & Borders. Page referred to them as Japanese Corners. There are two half rounds in the Kelly Collection, though I have not come across any samples of half rounds in the specimen book record.

    An updated website showing of the half rounds (as well as adding 75 new titles to the bibliography which will now includes the Huntington Library’s archive) should be up and live by the end of the month on the Kelly website.


    Though these blocks were produced with the die-stamp process, I love the router marks around the outside of the design.

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