Weekend Update

We spent over 12 hours yesterday at Smart & Wiley headquarters, working on the Design Ignites Change Notebook Project.

We briefly considered perfect binding (see previous Design Ignites Change post), but ultimately decided on wire binding.

What are the advantages of wire binding? The notebooks will lay flat, we love the functional elegance of the staggered wire spine, and I did some freelance work a few years ago in exchange for a wire binding machine, so the edition can be produced in house.

The front and back covers are being printed simultaneously on a 13 x 10 inch sheet of Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Kraft, 110 dtc (double thick cover). The type shown above is 30 line (5 inch) Gothic  Condensed.

For the first run, I mixed a blue-green with about 75% transparent base (the foreground ink blob). Notice the pinch of red in the lower right corner, used to tone the blue-green down a bit.

The first print of the first run coming off the press. Check back for more updates.