Hyperbole For Sale, part 8

Extra Fancy lockup
6 line Gothic Extended locked up for the first run.

The first run stacked to dry.

AAA Extra Fancy
The finished prints stacked to dry. Like the rest of the prints made for this show, available for your viewing pleasure at Alchemy through July 11, this was printed on Mohawk Superfine, Smooth, White, 100lb. cover.

4 thoughts on “Hyperbole For Sale, part 8”

  1. Hey David,

    I am enjoying following your printmaking process . . . I am curious about how long it took you to conceive/design/lay out the prints, and then how much time you spent in the studio actually printing . . . there is clearly a lot of planning that went into this, and I’d love to know more, when you have time to share (you can email me, if you wish).

    Beautiful work, as always!!

    Cheers, Celene

  2. Thanks, Celene! Out of necessity, this show came together pretty quickly – 12 prints conceived and produced in about three weeks. A few factors assisted in accomplishing this. I decided very early in the process to cut the paper to fit the frames I was planning to use. All of the paper was cut down – from parent sheets (26 x 40 inches) of Mohawk Superfine, cover – in two sessions totaling about 10 hours.

    I only used three colors: red (Van Son Red Pepper, PMS 185), black, and metallic silver. The red and black are rubber base, the metallic silver is oil base. Unlike the majority of the work I’ve made in the last 8 years, only a couple of the Hyperbole prints utilize overprinting. This allowed me to apply a color to the press and print a run on two or three different pieces during each print session. Three of the prints were completed during an early morning print session on the day I installed the show!

    It’s hard to say how much time I spent designing, maybe 25 hours, because much of it was done on the fly. The compositions are the result of compiling a list of phrases that I thought were humorous when taken out of context, then juxtaposing the text with intentionally ambiguous imagery to allow for audience interpretation.

    I would estimate about 50–60 hours printing.

  3. Hey David,

    Not to embarrass you too much on your own site, but thank you very much for this. As always, you are awesome and generous!

    I think the limitations (time, paper pre-cut, ink colors) really worked in your favor with this set . . . but, the experience and fine eye such as you have are what make working within the limitations so successfully possible at all.


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