WTF Letterpress

Catchphrase No. 3

The third print in this series was the most difficult. I don’t consider myself a skilled draftsperson, and in case you hadn’t noticed, there are no straight lines in this style of letterform. As with the other two, the letterforms were drawn by hand onto tracing paper using a soft-lead pencil. The image was transferred to a linoleum block by placing the drawing face down (the graphite was placed against the face of the block) and rubbed with a teflon folder.

After the block was cut, the lighter color (green) was printed first. The block was then moved slightly on the press and overprinted for the offset. To create a sense of unity in the series, I used a dark, chocolate brown for the top layer of the letters.

WTF lino block locked up on the press for the first run

WTF prints, first run

I don’t have a drying rack in my studio so I overlap the prints on a big table to dry. I gauge the difficulty of registering successive runs and add an estimated number of proof sheets (the white prints in the picture above), in this case I added about ten.

Three color letterpress on Mohawk Via Smooth, Light Pink, 80lb. cover.