OMG Letterpress

Catchphrase No. 1

The image above is from a series of three prints I made last summer. The lettering is a customized Grecian. It was hand-drawn, then cut from a linoleum block and letterpress printed in two colors onto 9 x 9 inch sheets of Mohawk Via Vellum, Willow, 80lb. cover. The encircled numerals were printed in metallic copper from foundry metal type. Send me an email to inquire about pricing.

The lino block on press

Over the next few days, I will be posting some prints I’ve made in the last couple years – I have to take a break from posting wood type while I finish up some prints that I will be installing at Alchemy on Sunday, June 13. The show will be called Hyperbole For Sale. More details and pics next week.