Special Guest

12 line No. 202

As I spent over 20 hours working in the Book Arts Studio over the weekend, I thought a guest appearance from the wood type collection at work would be appropriate. While perusing the cases for a capital Y I came across this 12 line No. 202 from Hamilton Manufacturing Company. The comma and the Y had clearly been kerned together and were still nestled side by side in the case.

This design seems to suffer from an identity crisis. Its roots are Gothic, but the modulated strokes and flaring, almost wedge-shaped serifs draw from the Latin Antiques. The cap of the comma wouldn’t look out of place in a font of Concave Tuscan. And then there’s that flourish on the Y that extends above the cap line – there’s no mistaking the influence of the Arts & Crafts movement and the “artistic printing” that was all the rage in the 1870s through ‘80s.