Into the White

I spent twelve hours in the Book Arts Studio yesterday working on a showcard for an upcoming art show by my very talented friend and coworker, Mary Toscano. The last three hours I worked in the dark because the lights to the fourth floor of the library were shut off. Take my word for it, letterspacing handset type in the dark is not easy. Fortunately, I took some photos of the first of two runs before the lights went out. I’ll be returning at noon today to print the second run.

Into the White: first run lockup

The title of the show, “Into the White,” is set in 72 and 36 point Alternate Gothic No. 1, the dates are set in Franklin Gothic, with a 1 point thick by 6 pica wide brass rule for the dash.

Into the White: first run on the drying rack

The first run was printed with metallic silver from Gans Ink. I’ve printed dozens of projects using metallic silver, but before moving to Salt Lake City, I had always used Van Son inks. I never encountered problems with Van Son metallic inks like I experienced last night with the Gans. It was almost like the ink was allergic to the type; it did not want to stick. I found that I had to add significantly more ink to the press than I felt prudent, and I had to trip (ink the form) and print at half-speed. After deducing the solution – printing with antique wood and metal type is about 90 percent problem solving – the first run went pretty well, though very slowly.