Into the White, Pt. 2

Into the White: second run lockup

This run of black utilized four 1-point rules and four sizes of Alternate Gothic , 36 and 18 for the artist’s names, and 24 and 14 for the gallery and location. Despite having set up this run before leaving the studio last night, I encountered very similar issues during printing today. In addition to the type being extremely worn and requiring copious makeready, I suspect the paper I used, French Smart White, was not playing nice with the ink. Maybe there’s a sizing in it that some of the other French papers don’t have? I’ve printed countless projects on Speckletone and Frostone (RIP), and never experienced any trouble with ink transfer. Just like yesterday, I had way more ink on the press than I normally would, I had to use a heavier impression than I feel comfortable with, I had to trip twice, going very slowly, and print in what felt like slow motion for the entire run. But in the end the prints turned out pretty well and Mary seemed quite pleased.

Into the White: finished prints