On Cue

8 line Aldine Expanded

Converse to traditional text typefaces, Aldine Expanded’s horizontal strokes outweigh the vertical. The adorable smirk of a tail extending off to the right of this very wide character makes close spacing of the requisite QU (or Qu) combination impossible without physically removing part of the body of the sort – this method of kerning is frequently seen in wood type on the capital A’s, L’s, T’s, Y’s, etc.

2 thoughts on “On Cue”

  1. This is lovely. I would like to see the “kerned” QU/Qu.

    I also noticed an additional benefit of trimming the extra wood off of As, Ls, Ts, etc., when I was visiting the Hamilton Wood Type Museum: You can fit more in a case if you turn half of each upside down and fit them together, puzzle-like. It may not matter for us who don’t have massive fonts, but if you have an A10+ size font, it might be helpful to create some extra room by removing the, er, dead wood.

  2. I’ll have to keep an eye out for kerned Q’s and U’s – I’ll post when I find ’em.

    You make a good point about fitting more letters in a case. But I have to admit, I get great pleasure from a properly organized case of wood type with all the letters oriented the same.

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