I Will Print a Poster for You, part 2

Second form locked up
After printing the first color (PMS 7474 U) yesterday, I placed the type for the second color into the form, removed the type from the first run, and locked it up. So all I had to do this morning was mix the red (PMS 186 U), put it on the press and go. Except it didn’t quite work out that way. The first proof onto newsprint revealed a problem… a significant wound mysteriously showed up on the six line triangle I placed near the head of the press (see image below).

I’ve used this triangle numerous times and that gaping wound was definitely not there. But as I looked over the type, the bed of the press, the cylinder, feed board, etc., I could find no cause and quite frankly I was distraught. This is the only six line triangle I have and now it’s scarred for life.

Fallen Soldier
Despite my distress, I had to finish the poster so I replaced the damaged block with an eight line triangle. As I tripped to ink the form, I noticed a lump under the mylar drawsheet. To my horror I discovered that a piece of metal spacing material was trapped under the tympan. Fortunately, I made this discovery before ruining yet another block.

With the spacing material removed from under the draw sheet, and after triple-checking the rest of the cylinder packing, I finished the run without further problems.

Lightening Strikes Twice
A detail photo so you can see the sweet lighting bolt dividers.