Crazy 8

20 line Republic Gothic No. 773 Class N (solid)

The Republic Gothic series was cut in solid and outline versions – the two styles could be registered for multi-color work – by the Hamilton Manufacturing Company, Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Layers of letterpress inks are microscopically thin, so areas of overlapping color blend to create additional hues. I don’t have the matching Class R outline, but the image below shows a digital superimposition of the two styles.

Yellow Class R (outline) superimposed on red Class N (solid)

Many of the characters in the Republic Gothic series are distinctly reminiscent of brush formed letters popular with sign painters. There’s an appealing naivete and awkwardness to the too-high crossbar of the capital H, and characters like the lowercase k and t. The showing below comes from Wood Type by Hamilton Catalog 38, 1938.