Nothing Doing

8 line Wm. H. Page Co.’s Block Streamer No. 7

From Zero: the biography of a dangerous idea by Charles Seife:

The biggest questions in science and religion are about nothingness and eternity, the void and the infinite, zero and infinity. The clashes over zero were the battles that shook the foundations of philosophy, of science, of mathematics, and of religion. Underneath every revolution lay a zero…

This revolutionary comes from a figure font containing only numerals, dollar signs, and cent signs, all surrounded by a shadowed outline. Though it’s impossible to tell from this character, the typeface  is No. 124 (see the scan below), first shown in Page’s Wood Type Album, 1879. The same face was called Gothic Tuscan Condensed No. 2 by Morgan & Wilcox.

Scan from Specimens of The Wm. H. Page Wood Type Co., 1888