I’m Too Excited to Zzzz

12 line Antique Double Outlined Shade

Wells & Webb called this face Antique Ornamented in their 1849 specimen. Rob Roy Kelly called it Antique Double Outlined Shade. I call it freaking amazing. Unfortunately, I could not find a manufacturer’s imprint and type design piracy was as prevalent in the nineteenth century as the twenty first, so I don’t know if this font originated with Wells & Webb.

I have to admit, I have wanted to show proofs of this font every day, but ultimately decided that since starting with one of my rarest fonts (see 10 line Gothic Condensed Octagon Shade, posted on January 2) I should finish the first showing of the alphabet just as strong. Kelly explained that the specimen included in his book was printed from types at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The proof that you see here was printed from type that resides in case number 25 of the 2/3 sized double-tier flat-top Hamilton wood type cabinet in my living room.