Big Red

4 line French Clarendon XX Condensed

Get out your line gauges boys and girls – this little guy is two picas shy of an inch (4 lines/picas = 48 points). I only have one other font of wood type this small, but it’s a bold Gothic and it looks huge by comparison. The elongated, bracketed serifs that characterize the French Clarendons seem even more disproportionate at this scale. The A’s have a Vanderburgh, Wells & Co., New York imprint (see below), dating this type to 1867–1890.

02/03 Addendum

Varying screen sizes and monitor resolutions make it difficult to accurately show the size of individual wood type blocks and respective proofs. But I feel compelled in this case to provide a sense of scale. The penny in the image below was scanned simultaneously with the proof of the V.