Gee, Letterpress Daily is Swell!

This beaming lad was acquired – like so much of my collection – from the warehouse of Dave Churchman, in Indianapolis. As to the origins (before Churchman’s) of this blissfully ignorant orphan, I haven’t a clue. If anyone out there recognizes this toothy little tyke, please pipe up. The block is comprised of a photoengraved magnesium plate mounted atop a block of wood to make it 0.918 inches high (type high) so it may be printed on a letterpress.

2 thoughts on “Gee, Letterpress Daily is Swell!”

  1. Letterpress Daily indeed. It sure IS swell.

    David, what are you doing now that you are miles away from Churchman’s Boutique de Junque?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Terry! What am I doing now that I’m miles away from the Boutique? Crying myself to sleep at night 😉

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