So Sharp

30 line Gothic Tuscan No. 3

First appearing in the 1850s, this pointed Tuscan – as differentiated from the concave style Tuscans (see “L is for Love Letters,” January 17) – can be seen in the 1888 “Specimens of The Wm. H. Page Wood Type Co.” Below is a scan from a facsimile edition of that specimen produced by Pioneer Press of W. VA., Inc. in cooperation with David W. Peat, a collector and authority on type specimen books.

The small capital D in the upper right hand corner of the scan is the price code. According to the “Reduced Price List, 1888” included with the specimen book the 30 line Gothic Tuscan No. 3 cost $0.14 per letter. According to Measuring Worth, that would be the 2008 equivalent of $3.27 per letter. The smallest capitals only font of type contained about 75 letters and 26 figures (numerals).